Going by the name of „LEBENSLAUTE“ (Life Sounds)
musicians from all over Germany have been gathering annually since 1986
to form a full chorus and symphonic orchestra. On a regional basis there
have been smaller but more frequent projects.

We are an open group combining music with social action and perform
mainly classical music in public places where this is not usually
expected: on the grounds of military training areas, inside the halls of
airports to prevent deportations, at nuclear production plants and
rocket depositories, as well as the offices of the Department of Alien
Residency and other places where human life is threatened.

In our choice of concert locations we are not swayed by official
regulations; on the contrary Lebenslaute  actions seek confrontation
through previously announced and conscious civil disobedience. Our
serious concert attire highlights the legitimacy of our concern.
Whenever possible we strive to strengthen and support local protest

We prepare ourselves cooperatively and intensely for our concert
actions and act in a united fashion. Each participant is responsible for
himself/herself and decides to what degree he/she is willing to
actively disobey the laws and regulations involved. Our decisions are
made on the basis of mutual consent / grassroots democracy, the needs
and concerns of all participants are taken into account. Those faced
with possible legal ramifications are supported by the mutual solidarity
of the Lebenslaute network and other cooperating groups.